The Wayfaring Stranger

“Purveyor of natural cosmetics and bespoke travel accessories for the wandering gentleman.”

Australian owned and made, The Wayfaring Stranger is solely created by the adventurous Jeremy Allen. The small startup business sells gentlemen grooming products and apparel for everyday venturous individuals.
Jeremy decided to widen his social media platform and sought out Rocket Fuel Marketing to give him a helping hand in launching his High Country Face & Body Wash. Together, we are able to combine ideas on the best way to market to the right audience and how to get more customers attention, without losing sight of the soul of the product.


jez1Jeremy at the BMTech event where he launched his Face & Body Wash

Jeremy represents the brand ‘The Wayfaring Stranger’ to encourage men to step out of their everyday troubles and to take a moment to recognize who they really are. The idea behind the brand is while using the products, it will transport the individual on a past journey or experience and lead them to appreciate everything in the present. This will persuade the consumer to step out of their comfort zone and endeavour  to go on more adventures.

What is crucial for any startup business is to establish a consistent Instagram theme that appeals to the right consumers. In Jeremy’s case with The Wayfaring Stranger, we establish the theme to be ‘wanderlust for men’ of open roads and natural scenery. This confronts the individual to entice them to get outside. The page will have the continuing hashtag (#findyourselflost). Jeremy wants to have his brand associated with the phrase ‘Find yourself, lost’ as it plays to the adventurous spirit of men and to start a conversation about the deeper meaning. This hashtag will hopefully create a consumer community which encourages each other to seek out who they really are.




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Rocket Fuel Marketing

  • Building and growing TWS Instagram audience
  • Creating and publishing wanderlust content
  • Scheduling posts throughout the week and month
  • Crafting a beautiful and consistent Instagram feed
  • Sharing quotes which align with the brand
  • Posting 6 posts a week to the Instagram account
  • Posting to the Facebook page weekly
  • Photographing and filming events
  • Editing film & images to max their potential