Social Media Pros & Cons


  A strong social media presence is a crucial part of a SMB marketing plan.
This is the Pros & Cons of using social media for your business and is it worth the risk?

Social Media Pro’s

  • Social media is free to use
  • Greater exposure to potential customers
  • Improves SEO
  • Increases traffic to website
  • Creates a hub of information, customers can access
  • Customers can use it to verify legitimacy of the business
  • Businesses can use it to conduct market research
  • 2-way communication with customers
  • Customers can rate and leave feedback
  • Customers can share user experience content

Social Media Con’s

  • Social media ads will cost
  • It takes time to create a following
  • It takes effort to create constant content
  • Immediate (solution based) response to messages is important
  • Customers may harass or leave poor ratings/bad reviews
  • Must be maintained and monitored daily

It does sound like a lot of work and depending on what you want it to achieve, it can be. I have had businesses tell me that they choose not to bother with social media accounts due to the fear of some of the Con’s. The problem here is that these same businesses still have user reviews, hashtagged images and ratings already going up from their customers. Most of the time the business owners are not aware and are not sure how to regulate matters. This neglect has businesses becoming vulnerable to Digital Darwinism.


The Pro’s outweigh the Con’s in this debate. It is important to spend a day to learn strategies and to sign up to a social media account for your business. A Facebook Business Page is a great place to start. Make social media a part of your marketing.

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