Gentle Myofascial Therapy

Katharine Forrer got in touch with Rocket Fuel Marketing late last year wanting to reach a new level of business for Gentle Myofascial Release.

Gentle Myofascial Release therapy is a subtle pressure and fascial stretching therapy which is used to release connective tissue restrictions without pain or force.

The GMR therapy practice had built a small but loyal clientele, now Katharine wants to focus on the teaching of GMR technique to professionals who could use it in their professions, such as Midwives and Lactation Consultants. The treatment is ideal for recovering, elderly patients or for patients during and after their pregnancy.

Rocket Fuel Marketing
is helping Katherine by;
– Providing a marketing plan for her new venture
– Optimising Gentle Myofascial Release’s Facebook account
– Creating Infographic content to be shared on social media
– Setting up a Business Vimeo Pro account
– Recording, Editing and Publishing content
– Establishing GMR’s brand identity

GMR Marketing Plan
Katharine came to us wanting to extend her practice of GMR therapy and to teaching it to clients who can benefit from it. Focusing on Midwives and Lactation Consultants, we devised that the best way to engage in the target market was to create content that can be shared digitally and to add some multimedia to her lessons.

If you want to attract professionals it is important to manage your Facebook page professionally. Originally GMR’s posts were infrequent, which left viewers feeling disconnected, now with our Facebook management practices in place, the page is stimulating and more engaging with weekly posts and updates.

Infographic Content
By creating and publishing weekly infographic content, it helps keep GMR’s clients engaged and helps grow GMR’s community.

Katherine also wanted a way to share short testimonial videos to the public and private videos to share to her Midwives and Lactation Consultants who have already taken part in the lessons. Vimeo was the ideal solution as it can be watched by the clients at their own pace and public videos can be shared on social media. Rocket Fuel Marketing is also helping by filming, editing and posting videos, as well as helping manage the Vimeo account.