Destiny Point Café

It must be Destiny

One of our favourite coffee stops when visiting Mount Dandenong is Destiny Point Café. Originally opening as Beulah Tea Rooms in 1904, Destiny Point Café still carries on the tradition of serving scones and tea. The café is in an ideal location with breathtaking views and sells amazing food and coffee.

Although Destiny Point Café had a Facebook page and Instagram, they weren’t using it to their advantage. Their only social media strategy was to occasionally take photos of their customers and to post them on Facebook and Instagram. This is a good strategy to gain some of the followers you have taken photos of, however, it doesn’t attract any new followers or showcased any of the greater assets that make’s this café great.

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In December 2016 Rocket Fuel Marketing decided to help Destiny Point Café by creating and posting content on behalf of the business over the summer holiday season. Alan (manager) and Brendan (Owner) were happy to receive a helping hand with some extra marketing.

Recognising Destiny Point Café’s strengths, we focus on what would appeal to new/returning customers and what makes Destiny Point Cafe unique compared to other local cafes.

Marketing strategy
Facebook: Post a meal up each week + Share Café events/information
Instagram: 2 images every day (during opening hours)
Images focusing on location, products & customer experience


Destiny Point Café’s followers are now more informed and engaged with the cafés online presence. The Instagram feed is more professional, more aesthetically pleasing to scroll through and is attracting a lot more new followers.

We also helped out by communicating the opening hours, closed days and specials over the holidays, as this was a present issue confusing customers.Closed Days

By following our formula and by keeping their social media active and professional, Destiny Point Café will continue to expand its reach on social media and it is already resulting in it becoming a must visit destination in the Dandenong Ranges.

Can’t wait to head back up there for another coffee.

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